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Jeffrey W. Martin

Jeffrey W. Martin

Born April 20, 1953 in San Diego, California, Jeffrey Wayne Martin passed away November 9, 2009 in Dallas, Texas. Wayne is preceded in death by his mother, Enid Martin. He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Paula Martin; children, Richard Martin and wife, Nikki, Kelly Martin and David Martin; sisters, Michele Martin, Linda Arms and husband, Bobby; brothers, Bob Martin and wife, Karen, and Melvin Bowman along with numerous nieces, nephews, other relatives and a host of friends. The Celebration of Life was held on Saturday, November 14, 2009 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Bowser Richardson, Texas.

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02/15/17 12:07 AM #1    

Barton Crabbe

I loved this guy and was deeply saddened to hear of his passing at the young age of 56. He made me laugh like few ever could. Hope to see you Jeff one day in the hereafter. 

02/19/17 10:38 AM #2    

Dennis Ray Burk

I had some really good companions on my mission but have long felt that Jeff Martin was my favorite.  He was a good Elder with a great testimony and was fun to be with.  I served with him in a little Town in northern Alberta called Barhead.  The Branch President made a deal mith us were we would come to his Ranch early in the morning on Saturdays ( D-Day ) and feed and milk two milk cows he had.  We got to keep all the milk we wanted from them and he got to sleep in one morning a week.  Jeff said he had never even been close to a cow, let alone touched or milked one.  Teaching him to milk a cow was hallarious.  He was strange to the cow and nervous and the cow sensed it a was nervous. Although I demonstrated for him to learn how on the other cow, he didn't have the method down good at all when he tried and the cow kind of slapped him with its tail, knocking him off his one post milking stool that he was already having great difficulty sitting on already.  I got up from milking the other cow and tied the tail so the cow couldn't slap him again.  The cow was looking at him as if thinking, you got to be kidding me.  I demonstrated again haw roll his hands to squeese the milk out.  Although even more nervous he was determined to get this right.  mean-while he noticed a barn cat cone over to me meowing like it wanted milk.  I squirted some towards the cats mouth and it was trying to lap it up in fkight.  He made his next attempt to milk the cow.  He w2as starting to get it right and was all excited but was still making the cow very nervous.  The cow bumped him off his one legged milk stool  and stepped in the milk bucket.  I go up and put a hobble on the cow's back ankles so it could not do that again and took him over and washed his bucket.  He tried again, this time he was doing great but then he got up and ran to the pickup and grabbed his tape recorder and tapped the sound of him milking the cow.  Afterwards he had to tapew all the annimals there including cows, pigs, hogs, cats chickens etc.. I had many other funny, serious, and spiritual events with Jeff Martin. 

02/26/17 09:36 PM #3    

Sarun Johnson

I hope my comments can and will get to Elder Martin's family.  I don't know what I have been paying attenyion all these years, but it was news to me that Elder Martin had died.  I feel like a part of my life has left me, but I know better.  I remmeber vividly a lot of Elder Martin and my time as his companion.  I did not look up the exact dates, but it was the fall of 1973, October, November, we were assignend to the Calgary 6th and 7th wards, the old Crescent Road Chapel.

Elder Martin had an inflatable air canada plane he hung by a string in our kitched, each day he would comment where he would be going today, depending on which way the place was pointing.  I do remember the date of May 10th, the day Elder Martin was to go home.  He was ready and repeated may 10th almost daily.

We taught and baptized while we were together and I learned a lot of things that I would not do pon my own in future months, but I never had a dull moment with Elder Martin. I learned where Chula Vista was ans what it was like to live in Paradise, the San Diego area!  Elder martin was the district leader and our district meetings were a riot, crazy Elder Woodward and his hot air baloons and talk of the Massey Chicks on the Bow Valley and 8th ward area.

It was not long and Elder Martin got a new companion and was transferred to an adjacent area.  I dodn't remember the was configuration, but I got a new companion and our fun District meetings continued.  Elder martin's companion was having a tough time passing off his discussions, so the two of them had to stay in during the day until the discussuoins were learned.  

Elder martin's apartment was under the approach to the Calgary airport, so uit did not take hime long to chart all the the flights and their times as they few overhead.  he would call the airport and ask about the plane and learn its flight number and expected time of arrival.  Elder Martin also began to take in other elder's slide film and would develop it and mount the slides for us, at a price far lower than the commercial places,  Boredom and create a lot of great ideas.

Years later Elder martin ran a photo processing business in Provo, but that moved away and I lost track of him.  I have two words in my vocabulary I got from Elder martin and still use today, one is "car pies" the slush that freezes behind your car wheels and the other are hoonaries, the small seeds fro a tree, like a burch, that you pick-off and throw then into your companions hair or neck when you got the chance,.

I remember big talk about the Keg and Cleever (a steakhouse) and the shirley temples they would make (mnon-alcholoic ones at that).  I never went to eat there, but poor Elder martin, as I remember it got busted as he, his companion and some other elders when out to eat one evening and stayed out way too long...He got busted and lost his District leader's job.

I will be ever thankful for Elder Martin, his friendship and mentoring of me, he is a part of me today. I hope all is well with Elder martin's familty and that he children and grandchildren will look up to him as the great person he is!


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